Everything, By Everyone is collecting great interviews from a number of smart, interesting, creative people. These people currently include:

Simon Carless - video game industry journalist, editor and game designer and chairman of the Independent Games Festival

Bryon E. Carson – animator behind The Golden Blaze and Undercover Brother

Dr. Sean Carton - consultant and author of The Dot Bomb Survival Guide

Bob Cesca - animator, blogger, filmmaker and founder of Camp Chaos

Sandro Corsaro – animator, author of Flash tutorials and Creative Director of Disney Online

Ryan Davis – veteran game reviewer for GiantBomb.com

EgoRaptor – animator behind Newgrounds “Awesome” series and other shorts

Rob Feldman - Earworm Media and creator of Dr. Shroud The Animated Series

Tom Fulp - animator, game developer and founder and CEO of Newgrounds.com

Chris Georgenes - animator, educator and author of How to Cheat in Adobe Flash

Joe Hager – web video pioneer and digital content manager

Happy Harry – animator behind Saturday Morning Watchmen and many other shorts

Tim Hwang - Berkman Institute for Internet and Society, Harvard and founder of ROFLcon

John K – animation legend behind Ren & Stimpy and The Goddamn George Liquor Program

Lloyd Kaufman - independent filmmaker and President of Troma Entertainment

Andrew Keen – columnist for the London Daily Telegraph and author of “Cult Of the Amateur”

Trent Lapinski - Life Writer, Apple Technologist, Social Critic, Aspiring Musician, Activist

Rob LaZbnik – Simpsons writer and co-founder of Icebox.com

Jane Margolis - UCLA professor and author of Stuck In the Shallow End

Scott McCloud - cartoonist, writer, and consultant

Edmund McMillen – award-winning game developer behind Gish and Meat Boy

Rachel Mercer - designer and coordinator, ROFLcon

Jordan Morris – podcaster and game reviewer for The Daily Habit on Fuel TV

Nina Paley - animator/director; Sita Sings the Blues, cartoonist and copyright reform advocate

Barb Palser - Director of Digital Media at McGraw-Hill Broadcasting

Kevin Pereira - host and producer, Attack Of the Show on G4

Adam Phillips – animator and creator of Brackenwood

Mike Reiss - longtime writer for The Simpsons and creator of The Critic, Queer Duck

Jason Scott - Digital Historian, archivist, filmmaker

Shok – DJ, musician and former Newgrounds music guru

Aaron Simpson – animation producer, Flash Expert and proprietor of ColdHardFlash.com

Ross Snyder - architect of the original Newgrounds Portal automated user submission system

Rex Sorgatz - blogger, consultant, writer, entrepreneur

Jesse Thorn – professional podcaster, NPR host and “America’s Radio Sweetheart”

...plus a plethora of insightful fans of Newgrounds, The Behemoth and web culture

ROFLcon Reiss Sorgatz
Snyder Paley Kaufman

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Nathan Kuruna is an artist and filmmaker originally from central Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the Drexel University Film and Video Program. He has produced films for The Pennsylvania Governor's School's of Excellence, Greentreks Networks, The Philadelphia Inspired Expressions Contest, Harrisburg Academy, The Lars Halle Jazz Orchestra and Hot Cup Records. He has taught design and multimedia in the Philadelphia public school system and is an all around nice guy. Nathan's additional hobbies include talking about himself in the third person.

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